Our tips for moving during a pandemic!

  1. Keep a bin of just the essentials. Think about what you’re going to need the first couple of nights so you don’t have to dig into the moving boxes right away.
  2. Label all of your moving boxes with the room AND what is inside. For example, if the box says “Kitchen” – add “mixing bowls, glassware, pots and pans, etc”.
  3. Move the boxes to the garage instead of directly inside the house. Unload and unpack them room by room instead of dumping everything in the house.
  4. Move all linens yourself. Put them in duffle bags or vacuum seal bags. If you have people helping, they won’t be grabbing actual pillows or blankets but just the outside.
  5. Pack a cooler of food that you can bring to the house on moving day. That way you’ll have your essentials without having to go to the store during your move.
  6. If you’re hiring movers, cover all upholstered furniture and rugs yourself.